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Liefooghe Frank

1943 - Ypres

Frank Liefooghe born in Ieper in 1943 studied at the St-Lucas institute and at the Ghent Academy. Since the sixties of the last century, he has been a free-spirited artist dealing with questions on a global level: peace, ecology, and the future of our civilization. He builds installations and peace monuments around these themes worldwide. The exhibition in Theobald's Boat House is an interim and painterly account of this quest for a better world . In his narrative paintings, always acrylic on Nepalese paper, we see African earth tones, South American Mayan themes and above all philosophy from Buddhism and Taoism (CHI or cosmic energy).


Liefooghe Frank, Untitled 1988.

Pencil, charcoal on paper, 21 x 29,5 cm.

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