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De Vliegher Jan

1964 - Bruges

Jan De Vliegher's works have a realistic character and are located in the figurative field. He does not attach to the narrative or the anecdote but looks for universal situations.


He is not a history painter, he does not tell stories, he does not do politics, has no message, except a purely painter. In fact, he is an abstract painter, even though he paints reality using photos.


From the countless photographic recordings, the painter selects a limited number of images that are carefully processed with the computer. Composition, form, color and perspective are manipulated and adjusted in preparation for painting. In his paintings De Vliegher seeks the magical moment where figuration ends and abstraction begins, the moment when the realistic illusion ends and the subject turns into paint.

Jan De Vliegher paints the light. The light that reflects and reflects until it separates from the objects and forms almost abstract compositions. What always strikes in his work is the joy of painting.


Jan De Vliegher (° 1964) lives and works in Bruges. He studied painting at the Higher Institute for Visual Arts, Ghent. In 1998 he made his solo debut in the exhibition space of the Association for the Museum of Contemporary Art Ghent - now the Friends of the S.M.A.K. In 2000 he was laureate of the Prize for Visual Arts of the Province of West Flanders.


De Vliegher participated in important exhibitions such as 'Trapped Reality' (Santa Monica-Barcelona, ​​1997), 'The Gardens of Granada' (PMMK Oostende, 2002), 'Marines in confrontation' (Beaufort, PMMK Oostende 2003), 'Fading' (Museum of Ixelles, 2009) and 'Schatzkammer' in the castle of Gaasbeek (2011).


His works have been included in the collections of Dexia Brussels, Mercator Insurance Antwerp, Flemish Parliament Brussels and the Museum of Modern Art Ostend, among others.


De Vliegher Jan - Venetië
Oil on canvas

De Vliegher Jan - India

Oil on canvas


De Vliegher Jan - Untitled

Oil on canvas

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