Tonight Only, 2007
billboard with text and lamps, electronic device
Place de la Paix, 2017
Petrolatum, 2012
Hommage, 2017
video and audio installation
Tuning the Countries II, 2001-2002
table of wood, membrane, pigment, audio
255 x 125 x 110 cm
Maurice De Wilde, 2018
44 x 20 x 20 cm
Moeilijke Voeten
Keizer Ro: Het verslag van een staatsgreep in onze gewesten, 1993
13 black-and-white prints on wood, 3 videos (in loop, sound, colour, documents, objects and photographs in vitrines, desk, mortar
Grande Oriente Gold, 2012
Limpieza Social, 2006
104 x 155 cm
Flags of the nations
pencil, colour crayons and felt-tip pen on 22 sheets of paper laid down on painted board
Belgium Flag, 1961
oil on canvas
Dear, 2015
The Mask, 2013
Schutzengel of Painting, 2015
textile, polystyrene, metal, epoxy
The Dangerous Fantasist, 2015
fibreglass resin, polyurethane, spray paint, peacock wicker chair, artificial plants, polo neck, jogging suit, towel ,socks, slippers, wood
P is for Paradise, 2016
inkjet on paper, books, engraved lens
I left with bits of you stuck on my skin, 2015
A distinct affection of a more animal kind, 2016
oil, oil bar, pastel and pencil on canvas
Bas, 2009
polyurethane foam, polyurethane coating, wood
Naakten in het bos - Déjeuner sur l'herbe, 1932
oil on canvas
Via Verdi, 2017
assemblage of found piano and tile pieces
Brown Bird, 2013
feathers, fibreglass resin
Jesus, 2016
silverleaf on fibreglass resin, mild steel and acrylic
Cheap Imitations, 2012
oil on faux marbre and faux bois
So ist das, 2013
2 skeletons, plastic table and chair, parasol, cognac glasses
Skeletten, 2009
9 black-and-white prints
Twee Vagebonden, 2013
2 puppets with polystyrene head and knife
The Algier's Sections of a Happy Moment, 2008
video stills
Serie Laethem, 2005
105 drawings, ink on paper
Die schmutzigen Puppen von Pommern 020, 2013
sackcloth, hay, straw, fabric
The Morphology of Fish, 2017
39 fish skulls in bell jars
Flesh of the Wicked, 2015
Running Thread IV, 2017
mixed media drawing, digital photo on canvas, black Japanese ink, wool
Eat the Magic Lions #1, 2012
reinforced double corrugated cardboard
A Fire I Can't Put Out, 2018
Plan B, 2013
mixed media, 8 spears
Sorry, 2015
mixed media
Peter, Paul, Hélène and Maimouna in the Mirror, 2017
series of four, oil on canvas
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