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Rinus van de velde
1983 - Leuven

Rinus Van de Velde studied Fine Arts at Sint Lucas Antwerp. Van de Velde draws monumental drawings, usually with charcoal, based on found photos or photos of self-built and staged scenes. Raymond van het Groenewoud used a work by him for the cover of his CD 'The last ride'.

He exhibited at Beaufort 2015, among others. His work was in the spring of 2016 in S.M.A.K. can be seen with a solo exhibition Donogoo Tonka with six monumental charcoal drawings.

Van de Velde's work is also part of the collection of public authorities and is permanently exhibited in, among other places, the new city office in Hasselt.

Rinus Van de Velde has been described as the James Dean of the Belgian art world, known as a workaholic and invariably with a cigarette in his mouth. Photographic material forms the basis for his monumental charcoal drawings. Often the photos are staged by himself in his studio. Both himself and his acquaintances therefore regularly appear in his paintings. Based on his work, Van de Velde creates a fictional autobiography: a story of which he is both director and protagonist. We see the artist as a chameleon repeatedly appearing in his own stories.


Van de Velde Rinus, Alexander and I …2017.

Charcoal on canvas, artist frame, 225 x 400 cm.

VandeVeldeRinus_Diner 01.jpg

Van de Velde Rinus, Prop, Diner2017-19.

Cardboard, paint, wood and mixed media, 410 x 690 x 290 cm.


Van de Velde Rinus, A Monotous Grey Sky2015.

Mixed media, 74 x 205 x 122 cm.

Spiegel Vliegtuig.jpg

Van de Velde Rinus, Prop, Planecrash, Plane2017.

Cardboard, paint, wood and mixed media, 211 x 227 x 337 cm.

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