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Ben van den berghe
1985 - Antwerpen

The Aloitador is cut loose and connected at the same time. He sharpens his focus, enters the flow and forgets the world: the Everything that surrounds him, his daily job, the unpaid bills on his desk, the slow internet connection, the deep-frozen pizza section in the supermarket after work, the abstractions that estrange him from what he thinks he is: a wild body, a beating heart, an excited brain, electric nerves, ecstasy. He becomes eyes and limbs, movements, details, a circulation of adrenaline. He creates a physical memory and automatizes his moves.


The Aloitador is part of something that has always been there, a mythical history. He is a man amongst the men that have preceded him, consolidating the idea of what it is to be such a man. He challenges the old and untamed, something that has not changed in the course of history. He is a construction worker maintaining the identity of a community. He repeats in order to resonate. His act is a mantra, its meaning taking shape through repetitions, echoes, tensions between sameness and difference.


The projection depicts a troop of wild horses, squeezed together nervously waiting for something to happen while one of them is being pulled out of the herd. On the opposite wall a man - The Aloitador - is in a state of hyper-focus, preparing himself for his next action, ultimately becoming oblivious of everything else around him.


Van den Berghe Ben, The Aloitador2013.

Hahnemühle Baryta print, framed, 34,6 x 25 cm.

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