Schacht Kelly 

1982 - Roeselare

In a time when notions of what is ‘new’ and ‘unique’ have become very relative, Kelly Schacht plays with the notions of authorship and originality in her work. Both moments and objects from the past are rethought and become able to generate a renewed aesthetic experience. Kelly Schacht creates a generous freedom in her work by working intensely with artists, actors, designers, as well as with her audience. In this way the artist becomes the catalyst of the many interpretations and personal experiences that are thus given their own future.

Schacht Kelly - P is for Paradise


Schacht Kelly - Remake # 1 C'était un rendez-vous


Schacht Kelly - Stay Focused

2007 - Tribune

Schacht Kelly - Tonight Only


Schacht Kelly - Déjà Vu

Schacht Kelly - Backdrop 


Schacht Kelly - C for Conversation Piece


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