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Kuilboer Conny

Conny Kuilboer is a Dutch contemporary artist who studied at the HISK in Ghent, Belgium, in 2011 and 2012.

In 2007 she was an artist in residence at Schloss Ringenberg in Germany.

 About her work:  The main interest of Conny Kuilboer lies in the observation of different concepts concerning the perception of time. She translates these observations in objects, installations, drawings, poloroids and video.  


Each observation can be seen as a little fragment in which a different concept is researched and elaborated. She says about her fascination: “Inch by inch I feel the surface of time slipping through my fingers capturing it in my works. Waiting and exploring. I want to intervene with the reality around me and make it mine by reconstructing it.”  


The material she uses plays a significant role in these reconstructions. The material she uses most are blankets. For her It is an intriguing and polyvalent material with contradictionary qualities. Blankets protect and give warmth. They suggest comfort but can also be experienced as oppressive, irritating and often a fire hazard. The soft texture emphasizes with the elusiveness of her chosen subjects.  


Besides from the objects she creates from blankets, She also works sitespecific. With installations she develops expansive stagings in which single artworks are used as a material for a bigger sort of gesamtkunstwerk. Following this approach, she started to collaborate with the artist Ben Kruisdijk in 2007. They developed a series of installations together where they researched some of the aspects of the artist existence.


Kuilboer Conny - I've touched you a zillion times

2011 - Fabric -15 x 9 x 2 cm

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