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bert de geyter
1984 - Ghent

Bert De Geyter (1984, Ghent, BE) lives and works as a visual artist in Ghent. His work is a quest for the secret of the space and her materiality in search of what makes it and what makes it divisible.

He makes space, delimits, guides, looks for shelter, breaks open, claims space or gives it back. He looks at, and gives an interpretation of, the non-logic in a new abstraction and reduces it within the frame he himself has created.

What is the secret of the space?    

Divisibility?  Uniqueness?  Form?  Destination?  Temporariness?   Materiality?


It is as if the destination is always temporary, as if in that temporariness the ‘interspace' is shown. Space is the basis of every form, always changing. Does this lead to a rejection of every permanent appropriation of the spot? Of the landscape, the soil? To understand patterns and to manipulate what has already been manipulated. Searching for simple, pure energy. Everything comes together in one sentence: "Be the measure of the landscape".    


Besides visual artist, he is also a radio maker and DJ.


De Geyter Bert, Nailed It2016.

Mixed Media, 100 x 17 cm.

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