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vaast Colson
1977 - Kapellen

Vaast Colson is a Belgian painter. He studied art at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. Colson's work is characterized by an explicit reflection on the role of the artist. He rarely makes paintings, but is mainly engaged in performance art, in which he wants to encourage the viewer to think critically.  


During his first exhibition that was noticed by the general public, the artwork "The Pink Sting" was exhibited, a backpack that was apparently hung on a wall, but was actually worn outside for days by Colson. For the Canvas Collection Art Competition on the television channel Canvas, he squeezed out a tube of paint and stated that he would sit next to it until the paint had dried.


After a while, the television producer pushed Colson under the nose asking how long this show would continue. Colson then submitted this note as his submission to the Canvas Collection.  Colson won the Vincke Soeurs prize and the Jozef Van Lerius prize for his painting.


Colson Vaast - 7 Holes 

2013 - 7 Different walls - 250 x 867 cm


Colson Vaast - Lifter of Things

2006- Lightbox - 100 x 80 x 17 cm

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