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Kasper Bosmans
1990 - Lommel

Kasper Bosmans is a Flemish painter born in Lommel. He lives and works in Antwerp. Bosmans combines art historical motifs, elements from heraldry and folkloric anecdotes. Kasper Bosmans trained at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp and the Higher Institute of Fine Arts in Ghent (HISK).


Since 2011 he has exhibited at home and abroad, both in group and solo. His work was on display in Los Angeles and Hong Kong.  


Bosmans makes paintings, drawings, performances and sculptures from various materials. He is inspired by local traditions, mythological iconography and images from heraldry. He uses colorful flags, medieval symbols, soil-bound plants and scents in his work. The special combination of flat-painted Egyptian symbols, ibises, the Atomium, a light bulb, cranes and medieval food rituals in his work always tell a special story.


In this context he states: "By working on very specific matters, you end up with global themes". This gives art a universal meaning. His painted wooden panels refer to the visual language of heraldry, to inherited signs, symbols and emblems, in other words, a symbolic representation that converts the history of the site into visual codes.


 About the link to heraldry in his work, he further says: "Heraldry is actually a form of abstraction. It is a kind of logo for a person or city. It is easily reproducible and you can visualize very complicated matters or family connections in its most basic form."


Bosmans Kasper, Snoepie2013

Acrylic on wood, 40 x 43 cm.

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