Elke Andreas boon

 Visual artist Elke Andreas Boon (Ghent, Belgium) makes photos, drawings, video work and music. She builds installations in which she confronts different works.  Her oeuvre has a fundamental duality, showing both the vulnerable and the rebellious.


As an artist, she has the power to expose those many hard-to-determine human sensitivities and elevate them to an aesthetic awareness. Her work combines a poetic and escapist imagination with a raw vision of our condition humaine.


There is no perfection in the world that Elke Andreas Boon creates. It is a world of desperation and imperfection, but that is precisely why it is beauty and a sense of freedom.


Boon Elke Andreas, Baby with dots2013.

Pencil and latex on paper, 26 x 43 cm.


Boon Elke Andreas, Virginie2000. 

Photograph on dibound, 80 x 120 cm.