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Van de Moortel Joris - Wax on

2010 - Marshall, wax - 60 x 23 x 83 cm

Van de Moortel Joris - Wax on

Joris Van Den Moortel
Born in Oostakker-Lourdes
Studio and Home in Hoboken 

Current & upcoming
Nov 28 - Jan 23
The ne'er do wells set out for a dubious pilgrimage
Solo Exhibition
Galerie Nathalie Obadia
Paris, FR
Event Jan 11 2020: book presenation
+ record release + live show 
February 5-8
Hoge Rielen by de Warande
Turnhout, BE
+ performance Messviering in Eb friday feb 7th 
March 4-9
Campari Creates, Collectible Art Fair, Brussels, Belgium
May - September
Pass II, Vlaamse Ardennen, BE
Out Now
A dubious Pilgrimage
Monographic publication, narrated by Nicolas Setari
with contributions of Phillippe Van Cauteren, Daniel Wilson, Felicitas Thun-Hohenstein
published by Hopper and Fuchs and Galerie Nathalie Obadia
7 Moralistische Liederen
Joris Van de Moortel - Text & Music / Mauro Pawlowski - voice
12" Vinyl record
edition on 150
Cylinder 9
(The Ur Gerausch Magazine)
In collaboration with Sint-Lukas Gallery, published by Joris Van de Moortel & Studio Luc Derijcke, 48p
The Ur Gerausch Newspaper
published by Joris Van de Moortel & Galerie Nathalie Obadia, 8p
The Sound of White Smoke
12" vinyl
LTD 100 copies
A Sunday Mess, de 7 Sacramenten
12" vinyl
LTD 100 copies
Songs of the incomplete - Issue 2
Printed & Published by Stockmans
48 pages
10 x 14 cm
Edition of 450

2012 Master in fine arts, MFA, Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp, BE
2008-2009 HISK, Higher Institute for Fine Arts, Ghent, BE
2007 Sint-Lukas University College of Art and Design, Brussels, BE
2007 Academy of Fine Arts Sint Joost, ‘s Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands
2004-2007 Bachelor in fine Arts, Sint Lukas Shool of Arts, Antwerp, BE
2004-2005 Philosophy, Ufsia, University of Antwerp, BE
2002-03 1st candidature, Royal Academy of Fine arts, Antwerp, BE

2019 Grand Prize of the 13th Edition of the International Biennial of Cairo, Cairo, Egypt
2012-2013 Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, Germany
2008-2009 Higher Institute of Fine Arts (HISK), Belgium
2019 The ne'er do wells set out for a dubious pilgrimage, Galerie Nathalie Obadia, Paris, FR
2019 A love affair with excess, Art On Paper with Galerie Nathalie Obadia, BOZAR, Brussels, BE
2019 Guitare Préparé, Sint-Lukas Galerie, Brussels, BE
2019 Weird Weirdness, Bizarre Bizarrerie, with Galerie Nathalie Obadia, Art Cologne; Cologne, DE

2018 Cachivache Bugui Bugui, La Salle du Conseil, Palais des Beaux-Arts, BOZAR, Brussels, BEOpening October 11 - November 10
2018 Het Geluid van witte rook - Das Gerausch von Weißen Rauch (one persons' noise is another persons' music), Krinzinger Gallery, Vienna, AT
2018 European Son, Raised Catholic, Drawing Room Gallery, Manila, Philippines
2018 This incomplete mythical world whose perfection lay outside it, Galerie Nathalie Obadia Paris-Brussels, Brussels, BE

2017 Closer Festival Installation "De Grot" Montevideo, Antwerp, BE
2017 12 X, BANG Festival 5 / KultuurKaffee curated by Joris VdM, Begijnhofkerk, Brussels, BE

2016 The 10 Commandments for Vienna, Krinzinger Projekte, Galerie Krinzinger, Vienna, AT
2016 Pink Noises, SCAD Museum Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
2016 Birds, Robin Hood, Acoustics, "noise", Notating, Detail, Galerie Nathalie Obadia, Paris, FR
2016 Tragedy by the everyday and the absurd by the logical, ARCO with Galerie Nathalie Obadia, Madrid, ES
2015 Ça vous intéresse l’architecture? Botanical vibrations travel through the air tangled as wires, attempting to play with the rhythmic structure, Be Part, Waregem, BE
2015 Rotten Sun, Art Untitled Miami Beach, Denis Gardarin Gallery NY, Miami Beach, Miami, USA
2015 It's no longer a thing but a performance group, Galerie Nathalie Obadia, Paris/Brussels, Brussels, BE
2013 Getting comfortable slowly, Galerie Nathalie Obadia, Paris/Brussels, Brussels, BE
2013 Fruchtfleisch unserer Architektur, duo show with Paul Schwer, Galerie Karl Pfefferle, Munchen, DE
2013 Bronze on bronze, edition presentation, G262, Antwerp, BE
2013 Schwarz oder weiss es ist mir gleich, es gibt keine farben in diesem blauen reich, Schauraum Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, DE
2012 Inside the white cylinder, Le Transpalette /Centre d'art Contemporain, Bourges, FR
2012 Erratum musicale for what for and who for I don't know, Gallerie Filles du Calvaire, Paris, FR
2012 Duo show with Lili Dujouri, Art Brussels, Michael Janssen Gallery, BE
2011 I can’t live in a living room b-side, Artorama, Marseille, France
2011 I can’t live in a living room a-side, VILLA II, Knokke, Belgium
2011 The shortest song goes on and on -1.8 sec, Open Space ART Cologne, Michael Janssen Gallery, Cologne, DE
2010 Like a hurricane (you are like), Michael Janssen Gallery, Berlin, DE
2010 All bound, rubber sound, Art Brussels with Hoet Bekaert Gallery, Brussels, BE
2010 Sketches and small stuff growing at, Gustave 10, Knokke, BE
2009 La grande verre, zelfs, Volta Basel, Hoet Bekaert Gallery, Basel, SZ
2009 Being Alice, the instructors at the white rabbit, The white rabbit, Berlin, DE
2009 Caves and intestines, Lokaal 06, Anwterp, BE
2008 The door and the floor, Hoet Bekaert Gallery, Ghent, BE
2007 A room full of OSB on two levels, Untitled, Antwerp, BE
2007 Culture flux 45, nogallery, Antwerp, BE


2020 Pass II, Vlaamse Ardennen, BE
2020 Campari Creates, Collectible Art Fair, Brussels, Belgium
2020 Winterhard, Hoge Rielen by de Warande, Turnhout, BE

2019 Eyes East Bound, 13th Cairo Biennial, Cairo, EG
2019 On stage, 38CC, Delft, NL

2018-2019 Danser Brut, LaM, Musée d'art Contemporain, Villeneuve d'Ascq, FR
2018 Circularity, presenation of new collection by Van de(n) Bosch Moortel 1983-1991, Plein Public, Antwerp, BE
2018 Charivari, curated by Jan Hoet Jr. Pamelekerk, Oudenaarde, BE
2018 A Myriad of Image, KuLeuven, Leuven, BE
2018 Mystic Properties, curated by Elena Sorokina, Hotel de la Poste, Art Brussels, Brussels, BE

2017 Ecce Homo, Museum Maagdenhuis, Antwerp, BE
2017 Celebration part 1 "Let there be Light (neon)" Group show curated by Joris Van de Moortel, Galerie Sofie Van de Velde, Nieuwe Zuid, Antwerp, BE
2017 Focus, presentation in the collection, Musée d'IIxelles, Brussels, BE
2017 RE-ART2, Zaventem, BE
2017 Lost Posters curated by Jan Van Woensel & Lee Ronaldo, CC De Steiger, Menen, BE
2017 Yugen#1 curated by Jan Hoet Jr, YUGEN, Ghent, BE
2017 The Dark side of Liberty, Liberty, London, UK
2017 Hoogtij GF 17, Gouvernement, Ghent, BE
2017 WORDSWORDSWORDS, Galerie Sofie Van de Velde Nieuw Zuid, Antwerp, BE
2017 Mementos: Artists’ Souvenirs, Artefacts, and other Curiosities, Art Brussels, Brussels, BE
2017 Winter Harvest, Museum D'hondt-Dhaenens, Deurle, BE

2016 Rebel Rebel, MAC's Musée des art Contemporains Site de Grand Hornu, Mons, BE
2016 Passion Fan Behaviour and Art, Stadtgalerie, Kiel, DE
2016 Zodiaco, Klemm's Gallery, Berlin, DE
2016 Dopplereffect, Voorkamer, Lier, BE
2016 Passion Fan behaviour and Art, Ludwig Mùzeum, Budapest, HU
2016 En Flamme, Firma, Vilvoorde, BE
2016 The Cutlery Show, Valerie Traan Gallery, Antwerp, BE

2015 Archi-Sculpture, Fondation Villa Datris, L'Isle sur La Sorgue, FR
2015 Sauce Bolognaise, Duo show with Davide Bertochi, Italian Institute of Culture, Brussels, BE
2015 Slagerij Van de Velde, Galerie Sofie Van de Velde G262, Antwerp, BE
2015 Passion Fan behaviour and Art, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, DE / Kunsthaus Nuremberg, Nuremberg, DE 
2015 Vacarmes, Maison des Arts de Malakoff, Malakoff, FR
2015 Pass, Kunst in dorpen, Vlaamse Ardennen, BE
2015 Vanitas extended, Ieper, BE
2015 Choises, Palais des Beaux Arts, Paris, FR
2015 A Belgian Politician, by Lieven Segers & Tom Liekens, Marion de Cannière, Antwerp, BE
2015 Bang, kunstenfestival curated by Teun Verbruggen & KultuurKaffee, W-O-L-K-E, Brussels, BE

2014 Music Palace, curated by Diane Wiegersma, Villa Empain, Brussels, BE
2014 Re-Art, Oudenaarde, BE
2014 Zodiaco curated by Davide Bertochi, Galleria CAR, Bologna, IT
2014 Des choses en moins, des choses en plus, curated by Palais de Tokyo, Paris, FR

2013 Upside down part 2; Lets Dance, with Manfred Pernice, Jan de Cock, Gert Robijns, Lili Dujourie, Franz West, Bruce Nauman, Joëlle Teurlinckx, Ann Veronica Janssen, Peter Rogiers, Lawrence Wiener, Dirk Braelman, Herman Van Ingelgem ao, Museumcultuur Strombeek Gent, Strombeek Bever, BE
2013 Vanity Fair, Ghent, BE
2013 Middle gate, by Jan Hoet, Geel, BE
2013 Shame (hide and show), Error#20, Pianofabriek, Brussels, BE
2013 21ste Eeuw buiten with Kasper Bosmans, Wannes Goetschalckx, Kati Heck, Pol Matthé, Philip Metten, Leon Vranken and Julia Wlodkowski, Antwerp, BE
2013 Brainbox, Unit 6 with Peter Morrens & Adriaan Verwee, Croxapox, Ghent, BE
2013 Op de vloer, Antwerpse Avant Garde, Ekeren, BE
2013 Manoeuvres, Voorkamer, Lier, BE
2013 Yellowing of the Lunar Consciousness, Galleria Massimodeluca, Venice, IT
2013 About waves III, Group show, BKSM ism SMAK, Strombeek, Bever, BE
2013 The  Cassini Cruise III, curated by Adri Poels, Maastricht, NL
2013 I want your name and my name on the flyer, curated Dennis Tyfus, Tatjana Pieters Gallery, Ghent, BE
2012 Earthbound, Gerhard Hofland Gallery, Amsterdam, NL
2012 Spontaneously, Zacheta National Gallery of Art in Warsaw, PL
2012 Exploded view, Centraal Museum, Utrecht, NL

2012 Alentour by Wouter Davidts, Project Room Galerie Micheline
Szwajcer, Antwerp, BE
2012 Sint-Jan, group-show by Jan Hoet & Hans Martens, Sint Baafs Kathedraal, Ghent, BE
2012 Exploded view, Centraal Museum, Utrecht, NL

2012Revolving Doors, CC Strombeek, Brussels, BE
2012 In the artist’s absence, The collective, Durban, SA

2012 Paper does not blush, Michael Janssen Gallery, Berlin, DE
2012 Showtime, Hoet Bekaert Gallery, Ghent, BE
2011 Guns 'N Fucking Roses, curated by Jan van Woensel, Monty ABN, Antwerp, BE
2011 No cracks - no insights, Michael Janssen Gallery, Berlin, DE
2011 Sägerauh curated by Jan Hoet, Galerie Karl Pfefferle, Munchen, GE
2011 Pearls of the North with gallery Filles du Calvaire, Paris, FR
2011 All hell broke loose, Tournai, BE
2011 Depot, Hoet Bekaert Gallery, Ghent, BE
2011 Sediment, Ename Sculpture, Ename, Belgium
2011 Fragille, Gallery Les filles du Calvaire, Paris, France
2011 Prix de Jeune Peinture (Young Belgian Painters Award)
2011 Palais des Beaux Arts (BOZAR), Brussels, BE
2011 Art in the city, Group show (Award) Brussels, BE
2011 Art in Belgium after 2010, Hoet Bekaert Gallery, Ghent, BE
2010 No limit!, Schloss Ringenberg, Hamminkeln, DE
2010 Coup de Ville, Sint Niklaas, BE
2010 Provincial Price City of Antwerp, Koningin Fabiolazaal, Antwerp, BE
2010 In collaboration with the Cracow curator school and HISK, Krakow, PL
2010 Found in translation, Gallerie Elaine Lévy, Brussels, BE
2010 BAT, Beeldenroute Antitankkanaal, by Flor Bex , Antwerp, BE
2010 Seqence N° 5: Spacificity, curated by Jérome Cotinet, Fort du Bruissin, Lyon, FR
2010 Music für Barbaren und Klassiker, Netwerk, Aalst, BE
2010 The Armory Show, Hoet Bekaert Gallery, New York, USA
2010 Radicall Postures, Fille du Calvaire, Brussel, BE
2009 Into the light, Museum of Fine Arts, Antwerp, BE
2009 La Conquette de l’espace, HISK Laureates 2009, BE
2009 Reinir van Ewijk projects, Amsterdam, NL
2009 Art Forum Berlin with Hoet Bekaert Gallery, Berlin, DE
2009 Sound of critique, Curator Curator#5, Ghent, BE
2009 Versus, Oudenaarde, BE
2009 Exhibition in a match box, curated by Hans Wuyts, Antwerp, BE
2009 Watou 2009, curator: Hans Martens, Watou, BE
2009 Open studios, HISK, Ghent, BE
2009 4 of us, CCNOA, Brussels, BE
2009 The choice of, by Koen Van den Broek, Indian Caps, Antwerp, BE
2008 Open Studios, HISK, Ghent, BE
2008 Video display, the Academy of Fine Arts, Cambrai, FR
2008 Hisk at Art Brussels, Brussels, BE
2008 You can’t go home again with Vincent Geyskens, Hisk, Ghent, BE
2008 Rent a box-to rent: the dazzle light box, MAMA, Rotterdam, NL
2008 Exhibition display, Academy of Fine Arts, Dunqerke, FR
2007 After the fire at last, HessenHuis, Antwerp, BE
2007 Office framing, Project 3000, Leuven, BE
2007 Error#6, King Kong, Antwerp, BE
2007 Virus, curated by Sara Weyns, HessenHuis, Antwerp, BE
2007 Error#7 curated by Ria Van Landeghem Antwerp, BE

2020 Messviering, De Hoge Rielen (Cultuurhuis de Warande), Turnhout, BE
2020 The ne’er do wells set out for a dubious pilgrimage, Nathalie Obadia Gallery, Paris, FR
2019 Happening 20 jaar S.M.A.K., Performance in collaboration with SPECTRA (ensemble for contemporary music), S.MA.K., Ghent, BE
2019 Festival 100%, La Villette, Paris, FR
2018 Smoke On Tour (Audi 80) I, Stuk Start, STUK, Leuven, BESept 7-9
2018 The panopticon Edition, A Performance Afair, Vanderborght Building, Brussels, BE
2918 New composition and Music Performance in collaboration with the National Orchestra of Belgium (NOB/ONB), Composition in collaboration with Thomas de Prins, Palais des Beaux-Arts, BOZAR, Brussels, BE
2018 Smoke On Tour (Audi 80) II, OORtreders Festival, Neerpelt, BE
2018 Smoke On Tour (Audi 80) III,  CC De Werft, Geel, BE
2018 Smoke On Tour (Audi 80) IV, Brussels, BE
2017 A 2 min. sound check by the Ur Geraush Kammer Ensemble feat. Krist Torfs, Jezus Factory, Niels Latomme and Mauro Pawlowski, Liberty, London, UK
2017 A Sunday Mess (night) feat. Thomas de Prins on piano, Gouvernement, Ghent, BE
2017 A Sunday Mess (morning) feat. Thomas de Prins on piano, Museum Dhondt Dhaenens, Deurle, BE
2016 Liquid Fire, MAF Middelheim Art Festival, Middelheim Museum, Antwerp, BE
2016 Spectra Enesemble and Filip Rathé play the music of Joris Van de Moortel SP, Galerie Nathalie Obadia, Paris, FR
2015 Spectra Enesemble and Filip Rathé play the music of Joris Van de Moortel SP, Be Part, Waregem, BE
2015 Pipes and tubes, Italian Cultural Institute, Brussels, BE
2015 This might be scholarly music, Sint-Maartens Kathedraal, Ieper, BE
2015 Artist Music, Art Brussels, Brussels, BE
2015 (im)possible Club, music festival by Vooruit, Ghent, BE
2015 White light paint it (AF) white, Paris Fashion Week with AF Vandevorst, Belgian Ambasade, Paris, FR
2015 Wax On Rotter, with IK-Foundation, Intersections Art Rotterdam, Rotterdam, NL
2014 All night long / Ultraeczema presents Ghostriders in the sky at Het Bos, Antwerp, BE
2014 A journey through speaker one, The Ur Gerausch Kammer Ensemble feat The Sonic Poets, Villa Empain, Brussels, BE
2014 Audi 80 at Leopold Hoesch Museum, Düren, DE
2014 Audi 80, Landesgartenschau Zülpich, Leopold Hoesch Museum, Düren, DE 
2014 Purple & Green with Pim Kersten, Incubate Festival, Tilburg, NL
2014 Ur Geräusch Kammer Ensemble, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, FR
2013 Dichter/Closer feat. Beyt All Tape, Pianofabriek, Brussels, BE
2013 SAND performing and meditation at Second Room, Antwerp, BE
2013 Et cetera, performance night, SMAK, Ghent, BE
2012 Bass your Tape Geräusch in Audi 80, AIR & logement, Antwerp, BE
2012 Girad Kanard, Gerhard Hofland Gallery, Amsterdam, NL
2012 üR Geräusch Kammer Ensemble, Transpalette, Bourges, FR
2012 White light paint it white, Gillman Barracks Art Galleries, Singapore, SIN
2012 Ur-Geräusch Kammer-Ensemble, Sudio 105, Bethanien, Berlin, DE
2012 Raak at Kraak, Kraak Festival, Netwerk, Aalst, BE
2012 Live@Gunther, Gunther, Antwerp, BE
2012 Contribution to Kurt Ryslavy's performance, Bozar, Brussels, BE
2012 Audi 80, Netwerk, Aalst, BE
2011 Take it away, Artist Cooking Hoet Bekaert Gallery, Ghent, BE
2011 Audi 80, Hoet Bekaert Depot, Ghent, Belgium
2011 The shortest song goes on and on, Open Space Art cologne with Michael Janssen Gallery, DE
2011 Looping, The White rabbit, Berlin, DE
2011 Art's Birthday, Muhka, Antwerp, BE

2010 Bats, pats boem ping, Hoet Bekaert gallery & AF Vandevorst, Ghent, BE
2010 Paint it white on the white light white, Provincial Price Antwerp, BE
2010 Make it split, Netwerk, Aalst BE
2010 Louie Louie & the NY Marshall, Gustav, Knokke, BE
2009 GK lights up, Undercurrent #35, Antwerp, BE2008 GK
2009 My daily wood, Daily wood festival, Ghent, BE
2008 Loopingbackwords, Hoet Bekaert Gallery, Ghent, BE
2008 Basement recordings.

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