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Stefan Florin - For a Sugar Boy

2012/2014 - Oil on canvas - 140 x 190 cm

Stefan Florin - For a Sugar Boy

Florin Stefan is a Romanian artist. He lives and works in Cluj, the second artistic capital right after Bucharest. This city has held the attention those past few years thanks to the emergence of what some may call its school of painting just like Leipzig did. Florin Stefan's paintings cover as much interior and genre scenes, as portraits, nudes and landscapes. The feminine figures are abundant in his work. May they be sitting, leaning, drowsed in front of a mirror, cleaning themselves, or in bed, they all reflect the instant, the desire that arises and become blunted, the attraction as Ami Barack writes.
Those figures became impertinent works of art thanks to their framing and the richness of the tones used. The peculiar vision that Florin Stefan has of the things that surround him, his subjects, are far from lacking character and he expresses it through color, light and material.

Florin Stefan is also one of the first artists that freed himself from the weight of the chaotic past of his country. He chose to express himself through a resolutely contemporary art and which does not exclude his doubts, his fears, but also reveals a struggle between the artist and his painting.

He was born in 1968 (Romania).He now lives and works in Cluj, Romania, where he also runs an art center.

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