Solakov Nedko - The Back Side of an Unfinished Icon (The about Thirty Saints Burning in Hell Story)

late 90s / 2014 - Black drawing ink on cherry-wood, primer, acrylic, golden leaves - 30 x 97 x 4 cm

Nedko Solakov plays with the codes of art and the art world but is also critical of social, political, economic and societal reality. He connects his personal experiences as a Bulgarian artist from an ‘old’ communist system to typical Western-capitalist artistic strategies. Solakov is a born storyteller. Ironic and often absurd texts frequently underpin his drawings and installations. In his apparently simple stories and works on paper, which are imbued with a mildly melancholic sharp-wittedness, the artist sometimes deploys almost surrealistic fiction to mock social events, himself, his artistry and the entire art circuit.

year and place of birth: 1957, Cherven Briag (Bulgaria)
whereabouts: Sofia (Bulgaria)

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