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Solakov Nedko - A Rather Split (visually) Personality

2013 - Oil on canvas, in a specially produced gilded carved lime-wood frame 92X98X10 - 46 x 55

Solakov Nedko - A Rather Split (visually) Personality

Nedko Solakov plays with the codes of art and the art world but is also critical of social, political, economic and societal reality. He connects his personal experiences as a Bulgarian artist from an ‘old’ communist system to typical Western-capitalist artistic strategies. Solakov is a born storyteller. Ironic and often absurd texts frequently underpin his drawings and installations. In his apparently simple stories and works on paper, which are imbued with a mildly melancholic sharp-wittedness, the artist sometimes deploys almost surrealistic fiction to mock social events, himself, his artistry and the entire art circuit.

year and place of birth: 1957, Cherven Briag (Bulgaria)
whereabouts: Sofia (Bulgaria)

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