Saccone Gino - Bandist

2017 - Cotton woven jacquard - 85 x 105 cm

British artist Gino Saccone works in a variety of media, creating chaotic, cacophonous exhibitions that address the communication of information—and the way we digest the glut of it today. Along those lines, he explores the mutability of objects and language in sculptures and drawings by arranging color and texture into form, often referencing numbers. Two-dimensional objects are interjected into three-dimensional space, as gestural, childlike paintings of flowers wrap around corners, and colored textiles based on scanned watercolors and computer-generated forms (as in _L7_, a collaboration with Elliot Dodd) are set at the intersection of the wall and the floor. Similarly, Saccone explores the relationship between dimensions in textiles based on the autostereogram, a technology that allows flat images to be seen in 3D.

SOFACQ Gallery

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