Ogawa Kenichi - Hot Spring

2017 - Silicon and oil color on canvas - 41 x 31,8 cm

In his watercolors and silicone paintings, Kenichi Ogawa explores subjects such as intimacy, motherhood and affection with a sensitive, personal sense of femininity. Ogawa connects in his work to the Japanese art forms of calligraphy, as used in aesthetic and spiritual traditions. His applications mainly concern the reuse of the inner originality of these methods. In a combined use of constructing and inventing possibilities, he tries to understand the essence of these traditions. "What is it for a man to have a fertile feeling? The material silicon gives something of a touch of human skin. When I use this material in my painting, I feel that I fully use my sense of touch. My working process is; First substantiate the canvas with oil paint; Then cover the painted canvas with silicon with a long knife for cutting cake; Then make a drawing by scraping the silicon off with a brush. This should be done with a breather, for fear that the silicone will dry easily. The time limit must always be observed. But this limitation on the use of silicone material can create a good sense of tension once and for all, like Japanese calligraphy, I think.

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