Nuur Navid - Study 52-153 (The Eye Codex of the Monochrome)

1984 - 2015 - Acrylic (chroma key paint) on wood - 65 x 76,5 cm

To describe his works, Navid Nuur (° 1976, Tehran, Iran; lives and works in The Hague) coined the term 'interim modules': pieces that mediate between thoughts and their materialization, negotiate the place they occupy and about their temporary presence. The interim modules are modules for a way of thinking, a way of perceiving the temporary 'intermediate state' of things, referring to their short existence and interconnectedness. Light tubes, plywood, plaster, metal wire, polystyrene, paper and ice cream are the materials he recycles in his caustic, minimal works. Nuur states that "the process of construction and deconstruction is built into his works; some indeed only exist in the form of publications. Nuur uses a wide variety of media, including drawings, text and installations. His often perishable works, in which the process is central, propose a series of subjective conditions and rules, from which they also arise. The artist intuitively captures these through his careful consideration of a specific space, substance or immaterial phenomenon such as light or energy.

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