Henke Lena - Girlfriend

2012 - Tar, tar paper, wood, epoxy resin, pigments - 140 x 200 x 2

Lena Henke German, b. 1982, Working in photography, sculpture, and installation, Lena Henke mashes-up references to art historical movements, Freudian theory, city life, the interplay between nature and culture, and sex. She grew up on a horse farm and now lives in Frankfurt and New York. Images of horses and saddles, and such urban detritus as subway grates and wire fencing have made their way into her pieces. “The street is always really inspiring for me. Big topic,” she once stated. Among her projects is Yes, I’m Pregnant (2014), a comic book and series of colorful, semi-abstract sculptures through which she narrates the tale of a sculpture’s unplanned pregnancy. Not content to stop at making art, Henke partners with Marie Karlberg to organize offbeat, pop-up exhibitions, presented at places ranging from a nail salon to Karlberg’s own bedroom.

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